Friday, March 10, 2017

Love is Molecular - Marie Teresa McDaid

Love is Molecular
Marie Teresa McDaid
“If you split the atom you will find Love. Therefore, Love is everywhere throughout the entire universe.”

The above sentences came to me in a recent meditation. The feeling was an intense awareness of how we are all lovingly interconnected. I felt we were all being pulled towards a molecular interface which was transmitting and exchanging love between all our hearts.

The Heartfulness Experience

In Heartfulness Meditation, this unique experience is known as Yogic Transmission or in Sanskrit, pranahuti. It is simply the transmission of divine love for the transformation of our lives, to live in moderation with love and peace at the center, and to realise the Source of our own Self within.

This transmission of love assists us to transform by our own will, but also it independently assists in our progress.

Pranahuti is not a force as we know it, but is very subtle; it is like a breeze that blows softly through our hearts, calling us to awaken and transform to our original state at the time of creation; to become once again subtle beings of love. It assists us to grow and expand, and allows us to clear those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us.

This beautiful transmission of love is given to us through the heart of our spiritual guide, Daaji, and from those loving hearts who assist him in the work around the world.

As we are all beings of the universe, we are all interconnecting and affecting not just each other but everything around us.
Our thoughts, words and actions are all being exchanged on a subtle level and affecting His universal heart.

Through Heartfulness I’ve become more aware of how we all independently affect the whole, and that when we all share love molecularly through our hearts, we can affect each other. Let us join as travelers as we journey together on our beautiful planet and our infinite universe.

How blessed are we to have Heartfulness. May we share it with the world around us every second of every day.