Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Egregore: Working together

By Victor Kannan (SRCM Preceptor)

A movement accelerates a lot of things. It may appear chaotic. But like never before people are empowered and encouraged to move towards the same goal. If you are in the middle of the movement, you are also moved automatically.  It creates a dynamism of its own and fresh waves push everyone ahead.

So, joyfully participating in the movement itself would seem like an egregore.

In this Sahaj Marg movement if we quickly learn how to work together, the movement will move towards the escape velocity.

Working together is not difficult. It is like knowing your neighbours and having a relationship with them. Being known to them they feel secure and confident. This promotes the feeling of trust and comradery. This promotes giving, receiving and sharing. The level of nobility rises as a result. Everything is smooth. What needs to get done, happens faster and efficiently. Everyone benefits.

The tendency to create noise to feel one’s existence is external. The sound or vibration of the communication of an egregore is internal. Hence Master is saying “mediate, learn to listen to the heart”. Inspiration comes out of deep silence. In the past year more than ever before no one can claim monopoly to any idea. The minute it pops in one person’s head, it is in many hearts simultaneously. The 100th monkey story is a humorous proof.

So, what is there in an idea? Everything is in finding the quiet joy and beautiful inner harmony in working together.


  1. I found this write up on movement very insightful...

    1. The link is a good read and reinforce the commitments needed

  2. This write up gave more understanding the need to be working together.
    Thank you

  3. This write up gave more understanding the need to be working together.
    Thank you

  4. The heartfulness movement started by our beloved Master has given us a golden opportunity to work together. This is for our own evolution.

  5. Egregore as per HIS plans is happening and all of us knowingly or not are fortunately part of it. Very well written that the connection is internal and plane of this connection is different from the wordly. Impact of this formation is already complete only awaiting the physical manifestation as mortals understand it.

  6. Thank you for the great write up 👌